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Equipment stolen from Albuquerque fire truck


Equipment was stolen from an Albuquerque fire truck. Firefighters drove the rig to a meeting where they were talking about how they responded to a fatal cherry picker accident earlier in the week, reported. While they were inside, equipment and other items worth $7,000 was stolen. From Someone stole protective gear, laptops that map out directions and communicate ...

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Arkansas fire truck overturned


Three Arkansas firefighters were taken to the hospital after the fire truck they were in overturned. From the Bryant Fire Department’s Facebook page: The driver of the fire truck moved to the right and when they moved back towards the left the back tires slid down into the ditch and they struck a driveway flipping the fire truck on its ...

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Oklahoma brush truck damaged in flooding


An Oklahoma brush truck was damaged during flooding. Two Slaughterville firefighters, who were responding to water rescue calls at the time, had to be rescued from the rising water, too, reported. The rig, full of grass and mud, had to be towed. Another firefighter was in a truck nearby when the flooding started. “I was freaking out,” Chris Tolson ...

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Ohio fire truck damaged after collision with billboard


A crash with a billboard caused $255,000 in damage to a new Ohio fire truck. The incident, which happened in March, remains under investigation, according to From Firefighter Brian Murphy said he was trying to drive to other firefighters and paramedics who were helping a patient in a nearby alley when he turned into a parking lot near ...

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VIDEO: Antique Fire Apparatus Muster in New Jersey


Sit back and watch the parade from an antique fire apparatus muster at Horseshoe Lake Park in New Jersey last weekend. Make sure you turn up your speakers! If the video above doesn’t play, you can watch it on YouTube from e-dub productions. See more photos on the NJ Fire Museum Facebook page.

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Rare fire truck heads to New Zealand fire museum


A New Zealand museum is about to get one of the only two 1977 Dodge fire trucks built. The rig has spent time with the New Zealand Fire Service and most recently with the Fonterra Te Rapa Emergency Response Team, reported. After 23 years with the response team, Fonterra is donating the truck to the Wellington Fire Museum. From ...

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Washington fire truck becomes Colorado food truck


A Washington state fire truck has a new home and new career – serving food in Colorado. A former Colorado firefighter has spent a year transforming the rig, reported. “Not only is it a kitchen inside of a fire truck,” Quintin Galt explained to “It’s also a restaurant in the back.” Galt and another former firefighter will operate the ...

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Michigan department welcomes new Spartan


A Michigan department welcomed a new Spartan. Haring Township Fire Department’s new pumper cost $420,749, according to From The truck features battery-operated Jaws of Life, reflective striping for safety, a 200-foot one-inch Quick-Attack hose for vehicle accidents, heated glass and a rearview camera system. The vehicle can seat up to four firefighters during an emergency call and is ...

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Power lines fall on Oklahoma fire truck, trapping firefighters


Four Oklahoma firefighters were trapped inside their fire truck Friday after power lines fell during a storm. Strong winds knocked down the power pole while the firefighters were headed to a call, according to Firefighter Brent Hopkins, who was driving Engine 4, described what happened after they made a turn onto a new street. From “The next thing ...

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VIDEO: 1936 Buffalo Fire Appliance Corp. fire truck saved from scrap heap


A Buffalo Fire Appliance Corp. fire truck was saved from the scrap heap thanks to a Massachusetts firefighter and police officer. The truck has been in Massachusetts since it went into service over 80 years ago, according to From The truck was originally purchased new by the Lynn Fire Department, which kept it in service for 35 years. ...

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