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Three people die in collision with West Virginia fire truck


Three people died Tuesday night after the car they were in and a West Virginia fire truck collided. The Philippi Volunteer Fire Department rig was headed to a fire at the time, reported. From Witnesses told troopers that the Honda drove into the path of the fire truck, which was operating with lights and sirens activated. The fire ...

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Freddie, interactive fire truck, teaches Wisconsin students about fire safety


In Wisconsin, firefighters are using a different tool to teach kids about fire safety – “Freddie” the fire truck. Freddie is a robot with lights and sirens, reported. From Crews are sharing safety games, teaching children about what starts fires and running life-saving drills. “We want excitement,” Laska said. “We want them to go home and say hey ...

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Former U.K. fire truck can’t be used as limousine right now


An old fire truck in the United Kingdom will not be used as a limousine, at least not right now. Former firefighters bought the rig on eBay and submitted paperwork for a license, reported. From The Volvo FL6 engine had its water tank stripped out and seats, a tv screen and speakers put in, and the three hoped ...

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Tennessee students restoring American LaFrance to be used in training


Students at the Balfour Education Center in Tennessee will refurbish a 1958 American LaFrance and those learning to be firefighters will train on it. From Kent Parent, principal at Balfour, said students in the firefighting academy had approached him this past December about purchasing a fire engine they’d found on Craigslist to use in drills, but at $40,000, the ...

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Australian fire truck slides off road


An Australian fire truck had to be rescued itself last week while on the scene of a wildfire. From Firefighters established a trail around the fire but a patrolling fire truck soon fell victim, sliding off the track. “Working in reduced light and working on a new grated track in steep country, it’s the territory of the job,” Inspector ...

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1930 American LaFrance to be restored in New Mexico


A 1930 American LaFrance spent 40 years in a New Mexico park, but now, Las Cruces fire officials are trying to get the rig’s outside restored. The rig, believed to be Las Cruces’ first pumper, was taken from Klein Park about 18 months ago and because of liability issues, the city decided not to put it back, reported. Instead, ...

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Mississippi department welcomes new fire truck


One Mississippi department welcomed a new Pierce last week. The Tupelo Fire Department’s Engine 5 cost almost $500,000, reported. Tupelo firefighters helped design the Pierce, which was called to a fire Thursday night. More information is on The Tupelo Fire Department’s Facebook page has more photos of the new rig.

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Fire truck in UK hits station doors


A fire truck in the United Kingdom didn’t make it to an emergency call. It collided with the garage door as it attempted to leave the station. The rig was in the Southport community fire station last week when the call went out, reported. The fire station opened a year ago. Read more at

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Old rig back at first home with Washington department


A 1957 Maxim pumper is back at its first home in Bellevue, Washington. Nicknamed Miss Belle, the department paid $3,500 recently to get the rig, which needs work, reported. From “They had people come up who wanted to buy a piece off of it, like the siren or the bubble off the top. They kept her outside, which ...

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