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VIDEO: Ohio fire truck runs off road


An Ohio fire truck had to be rescued out of a ditch Wednesday after it went off the side of the road. The Boardman firefighters were headed to an emergency call when the incident happened, reported. One firefighter was transported to the hospital. The full story is on .

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New KME welcomed on Martha’s Vineyard


One Massachusetts island town welcomed a new KME earlier this month. Edgartown Fire Department’s new Engine One was designed with a shorter wheelbase to fit on some of the town’s roads on Martha’s Vineyard but doesn’t lack enough space for firefighters and gear, according to From For example, the rear seats were reduced in number from five to ...

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Scottish man banned from driving after not yielding to fire truck


A Scottish man who authorities said would not move over for a fire truck headed to an emergency in April was banned from driving last week. The judge banned the 67-year-old from driving for two months and fined, but John McIntyre then drove home so the judge extended the ban to a year, reported. From McIntyre was originally banned ...

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Wood shop students help restore 1929 Pirsch in Texas

A 1929 Pirsch in Texas looks new again thanks in part to a lot of hard work by some high school students. Ten years ago, the Longview Fire Department got the rig back after “it had been sitting out in a pasture,” Battalion Chief William Edwards told From The restoration, which included placing a new engine and transmission ...

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VIDEO: California fire trucks on emergency scene hit by tanker


Three California fire trucks on the scene of a crash were struck by a tanker truck Friday morning. Two California Highway Patrol cruisers were also damaged in Rancho Cucamonga, reported. From One engine and the fire truck were straddling the shoulder and the No. 3 lane; the other engine was blocking the No. 2 lane, the release said. ...

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VIDEO: SUV donated to Kentucky department that lost vehicles in blaze


In August, four vehicles belonging to a Kentucky volunteer department were destroyed when the station caught fire. The Mount Eden firefighers got a welcome surprise Wednesday when Ford donated an SUV as a replacement for one of those lost in the blaze, reported. From The Ford Motor Company and the Ford Truck Plant made a big announcement in ...

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1923 Stutz to be restored in Illinois


A 1923 fire truck will begin being restored in Illinois, thanks to a grant. first posted about the Stutz in April, and now the rig is closer to being like new. The Sycamore Fire Preservation Company was looking for $25,000 to restore the old Illinois rig, wanting to get it “parade-ready,” reported. Through fundraising and now a $2,500 ...

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Indiana fire truck destroyed in crash with tractor trailer carrying pickles


Three firefighters were injured when their fire truck was hit by a tractor trailer carrying pickles in Indiana Tuesday morning. Engine 41 was responding to another crash at the time, reported. From “When we were approaching the scene, it was backed up approximately 100 yards,” recalled Southwest Central Fire Capt. Zach Mark, who was riding in the front passenger ...

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Retired Kentucky fire truck finds new life in Hollywood


A retired Kentucky fire truck has found new life on the big screen in Hollywood. Old Ladder 5 of the Lexington Fire Department left in 2009, Lex18com reported. From Roger Smith rode on Ladder Five for two years. Now he can see his old truck on TV. “Kinda neat seeing it on TV and knowing that you drove it, ...

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