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VIDEO: Texas volunteers turn old military rigs into their new fire trucks


Firefighters in one Texas community spent countless hours making a military cargo truck their new fire truck. The Wheelock Volunteer Fire Department were able to get the retired rig through the Department of Defense Firefighter Property Program, reported. From [Wheelock Fire Chief Frank] Little estimated the department spent $5,000 to paint the truck white with blue markings, put ...

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New Ferrara will soon be serving one Kentucky community


A new Ferrara fire truck will soon be serving in one Kentucky community. The 2015 rig, which costs about $425,000, will call the Henderson Fire Department home, according to Expected to arrive in the next few weeks, the rig has a 1,000 gallon water tank and 20 gallon foam tank. It will be the first time Ferrara has owned a ...

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Two crashes in two weeks hurts Buffalo’s fleet


Two crashes involving fire trucks in two weeks is putting a dent in the Buffalo Fire Department’s fleet. The latest was Monday night as the crew was headed to a fire, reported. The driver of the other car left the scene on foot, according to “Our fleet has taken a hit this winter. It’s been a tough, very difficult ...

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Fort Worth fire truck struck at scene of crash


A Fort Worth, Texas fire truck was hit by a police car after the cruiser was struck by another vehicle at the scene of a crash Monday morning. From Firefighters and police had responded to an unrelated wreck involving two cars. A pickup slammed into the unoccupied patrol car, which was then shoved into the firetruck, fire Battalion Chief ...

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VIDEO: Pennsylvania fire truck involved in collision


A Pennsylvania fire truck and pickup collided Saturday morning, injuring nine. The Richlandtown Fire Company rig was heading to the fire training school when the crash happened on icy roads, reported. From Preliminary reports indicate a pick-up truck was crossing the bridge heading south when it struck the fire truck. The fire truck then veered off into the northbound ...

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Mississippi departments welcome new fire trucks


Two Mississippi departments welcomed new fire trucks. The Rawls Springs Volunteer Fire Department and the McLaurin Volunteer Fire Department received the rigs Monday morning, according to From The trucks came in part by a rural fire truck acquisition assistance program along with matching grants from the county, and with fire department insurance rebate programs. Read more on ...

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California fire truck struck while on crash scene


A California fire truck was damaged Sunday morning while at the scene of another crash. The Rodeo-Hercules fire truck went a call for a car flipped over, reported. While there, the rig was parked, blocking a lane, when another car struck it in the rear, according to From None of the nine emergency workers on scene were ...

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Virginia fire truck involved in collision


A Virginia fire truck was damaged after a collision with two cars. Officials said the Hampton Fire and Rescue rig was not responding to an emergency at the time, according to From Police say the fire engine was traveling northbound on Woodland Road when it was hit by a blue GMC pickup truck traveling eastbound on Andrews Boulevard. The ...

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VIDEO: Maryland fire truck rolls off road


A Maryland fire truck rolled over Monday while returning from a public safety training facility. No one was hurt when the Junior Fire Company fire truck, in Frederick County, went off the road, according to From The truck slid off the road and into a water-filled ditch, but [Acting Deputy Fire Chief Steve] Leatherman said he was unsure ...

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Intense heat of blaze melts letters on U.K. fire truck


A fire truck in the United Kingdom suffered some damage while firefighters battled a blaze. The heat of the fire was so intense, it melted the lettering on a Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service rig, reported. The image was tweeted by the fire crew. Read more and see pictures from the scene on

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