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Massachusetts station’s most beloved truck is wooden


The favorite fire truck at the Flint Fire Station in Massachusetts isn’t a big red one — it’s only 15 feet long and made of wood. Every day for 10 years, school kids would climb on the truck firefighters built in front of the station, reported. In 2013, a car hit and destroyed the wooden fire truck but two ...

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1928 Florida fire truck gets new wheels


Firefighters passed a big hurdle in getting a 1928 Florida fire truck restored. The old St. Augustine Fire Department rig needed new tires so it could be more easily transported, reported. The truck had been kept on blocks because the tires wouldn’t keep air for every long. Tires, at the cost of almost $1,400 apiece, were recently donated. The ...

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Maine department welcomes new Smeal fire truck


There’s a new Smeal fire truck in Maine. The Alna Fire Department took delivery of the pumper Monday, according to From Residents agreed in 2014 to buy it for nearly $300,000, including a foam system that Alna has not previously had for fighting fires. The truck can also pump 1,500 gallons of water per minute, Trask said. Firefighters ...

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North Carolina fire truck given to group which helps sick children


A North Carolina fire truck was given to an Ohio group which focuses on sick children. The Acme-Delco-Riegelwood Fire-Rescue’s 41-year-old rig will now help Santa’s Hide A Way Hollow bring smiles to kids, reported. “We want to put it out to pasture so to speak, that would be more respectable and to us with as many blessings from the good ...

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New Pierce fire truck in California built to fight windmill fires


The Kern County Fire Department welcomed a new Pierce to its fleet – one that will be used in windmill fires near Tehachapi, California, according to The Type III “Windmill” rig arrived at the department last week, the department’s Facebook page posted. The $350,000 price tag was paid for by windmill companies but “his piece of equipment is “All-Hazards” ...

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Massachusetts firefighters training on new E-One fire truck


Members of the Longmeadow Fire Department in Massachusetts have welcomed a new E-One fire truck. Firefighters have started training on the $750,000 rig that arrived earlier in the month, reported. From The ladder truck known as Ladder One gives the department the capability to reach structures it never could previously. Any time there was a need for such a ...

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Washington department to welcome 2 new Rosenbauer fire trucks


Two new Rosenbauer fire trucks will be welcomed soon by a Washington department. The 2013 rigs belong to the Enumclaw Fire Department, reported. From With the ladder truck and fire engine combined the original grant was written for $1,257,000. However, federal grant rules stipulate that no department can be awarded more than $1,000,000 for any single grant. The ...

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Illinois fire trucks damaged when roof collapses in storm


Three Illinois fire trucks were damaged Monday after the roof of their fire station collapsed. From Menominee-Dunleith Fire Department Capt. Al Fleege said winds likely pushed in the doors to Menominee fire station No. 3, located off North Menominee Road, lifting the roof and causing it to come crashing down on top of a brush truck, front line pumper and ...

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