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VIDEO: DC fire truck, police car collide


A DC fire truck heading to a call collided with a DC police car Monday. From Police say they received a call at around 4:08 p.m. about the head-on collision between the two vehicles in the 2900 block of Porter Street. The police cruiser suffered heavy damage to the front driver’s side with its tire off of the vehicle. ...

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North Carolina department welcomes 2 new Smeal fire trucks


One North Carolina department welcomed two new Smeal fire trucks. The Hickory Fire Department rigs cost about $1.3 million total, according to From The ladder truck will allow the fire department to pump more water out to further distances, with a ladder that extends to 105 feet and can hold up to 750 pounds at its tip. The ...

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Community asked to help with historic fire truck restoration


Firefighters in Michigan are trying to restore their 1948 fire truck. Members of Traverse City Fire Department-Local 646 is looking for the public’s help in funding the project, according to Firefighters bought the rig, which served over 30 years in Traverse City, off Craigslist. Read more about the rig on and see pictures and more history on

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Georgia fire truck went off road after being hit by car


A Georgia fire truck went off the road Friday after it was hit by a car. The driver of the car was attempting to go around stopped traffic when she hit the fire truck in Dawson County, From The collision forced the truck to leave the road and down a 30 foot ravine. The two firefighters on the ...

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New Pierce serving Loleta Volunteer Fire Department in California


There’s a new Pierce fire truck serving the Loleta Volunteer Fire Department in California. The Pierce Ultimate Configuration truck was custom made for the department, according to From The PUC engine eliminates the pumphouse feature of some vehicles, which means there is a shorter wheelbase for easier maneuvering. The pump panel on the engine includes a 1,500 gallon-per-minute ...

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New Ferrara fire truck used to train future firefighters in Louisiana


A new Ferrara fire truck will help train future firefighters in Louisiana. The Del Mar College Regional Fire Academy cadets have been training on the $268,000 rig, according to From “We’re very thankful to have the truck,” said Michael Schmidt, Battalion Chief and training instructor at Del Mar College. “Our other one is showing a little bit of ...

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Road gives out under Russian fire truck


A Russian fire truck had to be rescued from a sinkhole earlier this week. The rig was headed to a fire when authorities say a car cut in front of the truck, according to As the driver of the fire truck stopped, the road beneath the truck failed. The truck, with a tank full of water, sunk into the hole. ...

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Knoxville police wash fire trucks after losing bet


The fire trucks in Knoxville, Tenn. are shiny and clean thanks to the police department. Members of the police and fire departments on who could raise the most money for charity — the fire department won, according to The rigs were going to be washed a little sooner, but rain delayed the cleaning. Check out the good-natured fun both ...

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1884 Maine fire truck identified by bullet hole


An antique Maine fire truck visited its first home after being identified by a bullet hole. The 1884 steam Engine was shot at in the 1950s and researchers compared the mark on the rig to an old photograph to confirm it was their truck, reported. A Massachusetts railroad company bought the rig in 1957 and since then, it has ...

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