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New Pierce fire truck in California built to fight windmill fires


The Kern County Fire Department welcomed a new Pierce to its fleet – one that will be used in windmill fires near Tehachapi, California, according to The Type III “Windmill” rig arrived at the department last week, the department’s Facebook page posted. The $350,000 price tag was paid for by windmill companies but “his piece of equipment is “All-Hazards” ...

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Massachusetts firefighters training on new E-One fire truck


Members of the Longmeadow Fire Department in Massachusetts have welcomed a new E-One fire truck. Firefighters have started training on the $750,000 rig that arrived earlier in the month, reported. From The ladder truck known as Ladder One gives the department the capability to reach structures it never could previously. Any time there was a need for such a ...

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Washington department to welcome 2 new Rosenbauer fire trucks


Two new Rosenbauer fire trucks will be welcomed soon by a Washington department. The 2013 rigs belong to the Enumclaw Fire Department, reported. From With the ladder truck and fire engine combined the original grant was written for $1,257,000. However, federal grant rules stipulate that no department can be awarded more than $1,000,000 for any single grant. The ...

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Illinois fire trucks damaged when roof collapses in storm


Three Illinois fire trucks were damaged Monday after the roof of their fire station collapsed. From Menominee-Dunleith Fire Department Capt. Al Fleege said winds likely pushed in the doors to Menominee fire station No. 3, located off North Menominee Road, lifting the roof and causing it to come crashing down on top of a brush truck, front line pumper and ...

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Fort Worth fire truck damaged on way to medical call


A Fort Worth Fire Department fire truck was damaged Sunday evening when it was struck by a car. From Firefighters on board the truck were responding to a medical call when they were hit by the small pickup. Officials said the impact spun the fire engine around, but that everyone was able to walk away from the crash without ...

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Fire at station destroys a volunteer department’s fire apparatus


A blaze at the Groveton Volunteer Fire Department in Pennsylvania destroyed some of the fire apparatus. From Steve Campbell, a 30-year veteran of the department, lives nearby and saw the fire. Kisow said Campbell shimmied under a garage door that would only open about 3 feet to start one of the fire engines, then drove it out through the jammed door ...

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VIDEO: Philadephia fire truck hit by tractor trailer


A Philadelphia fire truck was struck by a tractor trailer Saturday morning. The rig was on the scene of a previous crash when the incident happened, according to From A fire truck responding to the scene positioned itself sideways to protect the crews working. The driver of a tractor trailer was not able to stop in time and ...

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Ohio department welcomes new E-One fire truck


The Norton Fire Division in Ohio welcomed a new E-One earlier this month. The new rig, with a foam injection system, is replacing a 32-year-old model, reported. The department received a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant for the majority of the cost of the new truck, according to “The city was able to obtain a major piece of equipment for less ...

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San Diego fire truck overturns during training


A San Diego fire truck overturned during training Tuesday, injuring two firefighters. The truck was on a dirt road at the time of the incident, reported. From An engine company was training on a brush rig when a front tire slipped off the dirt road and the rig overturned twice as it rolled down a hillside, San Diego ...

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