Fire truck overturns on icy road crushing TN Highway Patrol car. Trooper Michael Slagle is dead.

Officer Down Memorial Page:

Trooper Michael Slagle died following a vehicle crash on Longmire Road, near Emory Road, in Knox County.

His patrol car slid off the roadway after striking a patch of ice. Despite being stuck in his vehicle, he was able to notify dispatchers of the crash and rescue crews were sent to the scene. A responding fire truck slid on the same patch of ice and flipped over on top of his patrol car while he was still inside.

At some point during the incident Trooper Slagle suffered a fatal heart attack.


According to THP, Trooper Mike Slagle, who was in his 50's, was on his way to work in his patrol car when he crashed his vehicle on Longmire Road in Northeast Knox County. He called for help, but officials say he died before help arrived.

When a Rural/Metro fire truck arrived on the scene, the driver of the truck was unable to stop on the icy road, and slid off the pavement and landed on top of Trooper Slagle's cruiser.

One firefighter suffered a bloody nose in that accident, but none of the others were hurt.

A man who was on the scene trying to help the trooper was hit by the fire truck, and suffered a collarbone injury. He was transported to a local hospital. There is no word on his condition.


Around noon, Slagle was reportedly still inside the cruiser and was unconscious as crews worked to remove him.

But THP later reported that the trooper had died of natural causes, reportedly a heart attack.

It's unclear if he died before or after the firetruck landed on top of his cruiser.

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