Australian fire truck “melted” with crew inside

A fire captain and two of his volunteers were fighting a bushfire in Southampton, Australia when the flames jumped the fire break, reported.

The three firefighters sheltered inside their fire truck for about 40 minutes.

Balingup volunteer fire captain John Guest told

"In my rear view mirrors I could see everything that was made of plastic melting. Then one of my rear view mirrors slowly melted, it was only an arms length away from me through the window. We are so lucky the truck did not catch on fire."
Read more about what Guest did to save himself and his crew in's full story here.

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  • Lucky escape – plastic melting and adding to the fumes coming into the vehicles interior could have been lethal. The captain likely saved their lives by getting in and keeping the truck motor running with the air conditioning on recycle. This kept the smoke out of the cab – something to remember if anyone else ever gets trapped like this to keep ash, dust and fumes out of the cabin.