Fire in the firehouse — Poland, New York

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A fire Sunday in Poland, New York (Herkimer County) damaged apparatus and the Poland VFC firehouse.

Info from Poland VFC Facebook page:

The fire started in one of the firetrucks & the heat & smoke damage spread through the entire building. A water pipe above the truck burst & put the fire out. The building was still filled with smoke when the firemen responded to an unrelated call (trees & wires down) & discovered it. Agencies for all over the neighboring counties came to a regional all call to assist with cleaning the trucks & washing the turn out gear that wasn’t damaged. We thank everyone for the help & for the food donations. Our auxiliary served sandwiches & coffee (some was donated by our Poland Stewart’s Shop. Some of our village residents brought coffee & many offered to bring anything that we asked. Other departments took trucks & gear to their stations & their auxiliaries served & shared food & sandwiches with other departments. The Mapledale/Barneveld Laundromat volunteered to dry any & all of our washed turnout gear after the other fire companies washed them & brought them there. We thank everyone for their support today!!!! We have to wait for structural engineers to inspect our building to see if will be cleared to use & put equipment & trucks back into….

We hesitate to list all of the participating fire companies until we have a complete list so that we don’t leave anyone out. Hopefully we can compile this list & what they did to help & share it with you all soon. Until then, we thank you very much, each & all!



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